Baibala Hemolele

This project involves republishing the Hawaiian Bible in a digital form to increase access for the next generation of Hawaiian language students. This important Hawaiian language resource is now available on the Internet at

Searchable image files have been created to preserve the original Palapala Hemolele, published from 1837-39, the Baibala Hemolele published in 1868, and the Baibala Hemolele, published in 1994. These images, as well as searchable text files of the 1994 Baibala Hemolele, are currently available on our website. A searchable text file of the 1994 Hawaiian Bible in the contemporary spelling, (including ‘okina and kahakō), is being added to the site, as individual books are completed. The project is also currently recording an audio track that will soon be placed on the website to assist in pronunciation, cadence and intonation.

Financial support has come from government and charitable funding. A broad fellowship of church, educational, museum, social, and publishing interests have come together to support and encourage the republishing of the Baibala Hemolele.